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Who Are The Friends of the Thomaston Green? 

We are a small and determined group of Thomaston residents who have been frustrated with the lack of community representation regarding the Thomaston Green.


When we say, 'lack of community representation', we are referring to the fact that the town has owned the Thomaston Green for over 18 years, and although Thomaston voters may have originally voted (almost 20 years ago) for a some notion of commercial development of the Green, recent history (specifically the 2020 vote against development, and the results of the Town Parks and Trails Survey) shows that a majority of residents, ourselves included, are no longer interested in the old proposed plans for commercial/mixed use development. Instead we would like to see this property protected from continued proposals for development: in our opinion (which is supported by significant research) the benefits of maintaining the Green as an open space, far outweigh the benefits of building anything on this property. 


Finding no champion amongst our government for a vision of the benefits of a park, or even a representative willing to engage in a fair comparison of the benefits of a park vs. development for the community, we have taken it upon ourselves to give our community the opportunity for a choice that our government has been unwilling to provide. 


We would like to protect the Thomaston Green in its entirety. If you would like to do the same, you are also a 'Friend of the Thomaston Green'. We welcome you to join us in the effort to first save the 15.6 acres known as the Thomaston Green, and to then help steward the community towards its dreams of what this protected park space could become. We envision a Thomaston that knows, protects, and collaboratively makes use of its many assets for the benefit of all. 


Organizing Members: Nancy Baker, Chris Crosman, Amy Williams, Cindy Lang, Avi Ragavan, Erin Desmond, Janet Hocking, Steven Hatch, and others.

Legal Representation: Amanda Meader


Community Members & Friends: Special thanks to all the community members, also Friends of the Green, who opened their doors to sign the petition, insuring that Article 4 would be on the ballot in June. 


Please don't forget to take the final step: VOTE WITH US! Vote "YES" on 4 and "NO" on 3!

If you would like one of the "Save the Thomaston Green" yard signs. please email us at
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