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The Pledge and the Future

The Friends of the Thomaston Green have, and will continue to, pledge our time and various experience and expertise to stewarding a collective vision of the possibilities available within a park space at the Thomaston Green. We are all responsible working professionals, and are not without consideration for the financial well being of our community. Should the town vote to preserve the 15.6 acres to develop as a park, The Friends of the Thomaston Green pledge to assist the town, to the extent they are willing to accept our help, in soliciting feedback as to what park features may benefit the town most; to assist the town with attaining grants to develop park features; and to assist town employees in generating revenue through grants, partnerships and donations for the enhancement and maintenance of the park.


VOTE "YES" on 4, and send us your grandest vision of what the Thomaston Green could be, even if it's to simply not change a thing! The bottom line is that we cannot make progress towards any vision of a park without first deciding this land belongs to the community, and this land is not for sale or privatization now, or ever. 

Please send and email to

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