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Affirming the Power of the Commons

Demonstrating that transformative public spaces can connect people of all backgrounds, cultivate trust and create more resilient communities.

After buying long-desired land for conservation, Brunswick plans next steps

On Jan. 1, Brunswick took ownership of a "spectacular" piece of land it had sought for decades. Now, town officials envision a future for the historic property.

Research finds neighborhood green space tied to lower health care costs

City Parks are a Smart Investment for America's Health, economy & Environment

Mayors for Parks Coalition

Cities are the engines generating our nation's wealth. Parks help grow local economies, increase property values, and attract businesses, workforces, and private capital that make metropolitan areas competitive in today’s global economy.

The Governor extends from 2025 until 2030 a historical preservation tax credit for developers who convert existing buildings into affordable housing units.

Watts Hall and the Academy building should qualify and would be candidates for a developer.

Just one of many many grant opportunities are specifically for public parks:

Courier Letter to Editor: Thomaston Green

Courier-Gazette - Column: The Thomaston Green

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