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Some Wonderful Research on the Benefits of Parks

We are using this blog to share resources demonstrating the value of preserved green space to communities and to illustrate the opportunity we have to be a magnet for prosperity in the midcoast region. The Thomaston Green is currently the only town in Midcoast Maine with open space right in the middle of town. Let's preserve it and build it into a community magnet to benefit everyone in town for the following reasons:

City parks and open space improve our physical and psychological health, strengthen our communities, and make our cities and neighborhoods more attractive places to live and work. Parks provide clear ECONOMIC, ENVIRONMENTAL, SOCIAL AND HEALTH BENEFITS.

Below are some links to some wonderful articles that demonstrate the value of preserved green space to a community.

1. Ninety eight benefits of parks (!!!) “Economic impact studies identify a variety of economic benefits generated by parks. The studies described in this guide each analyzed one or more of these benefits, including:

  • Increased property values

  • Increased tax revenues

  • Decreased medical costs through increased exercise

  • Increased tourism revenue

  • Improved attractiveness of communities to homebuyers and businesses

  • Decreased stormwater treatment costs"

2. A timely article on the criticality of green space during the pandemic:

3. The value of farmer's markets to communities. From the article below: “ Most of these studies find that farmers' markets benefit state and local economies because they have direct and indirect effects on personal income, job creation, and on output generated in other sectors of the economy ...”

4. Another article on the value of farmers' markets. “The study goes on to reveal that for every $1 million in revenue, direct-market farms create almost 32 local jobs whereas larger wholesale growers create only 10.5.“

5. Yet another article illustrating the value of farmers' markets. "Farmers markets have become a critical ingredient to our nation’s economy, food systems, and communities."

6. Another terrific article on the value of parks. "Indeed, Parks have proved their mettle as a smart investment."

7. An article about the Thomaston Green itself, including the quote that we love, "The acreage is something many towns dream of"

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