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Informational Meeting

On May 25th, the Town held an informational meeting about Articles 3 and 4. Here are two interesting takeaways from the meeting:


1. In reference to the "7 acres", Bill Hahn (select board member) said that a good bit of it was unusable as it was on the slope.


2. Pete Lammert (select board member) echoed Bill Hahn's statement saying that you "would need to trespass on the railroad tracks to get to some of it."

These "7 acres" which the select board claims to be "plenty of green space" is mostly not usable.... by their own admission.

The Implication of Article 3

Article 3 says: "Shall the Town of Thomaston vote to allow the Town to determine the future use of the 15.6 acre parcel of land known as the Thomaston Green and to prevent this land from being permanently restricted to a public park?"

This means that if Article 3 passes, the ENTIRE 15.6 acres "cannot be restricted to a park". The 7 acres that the select board keeps talking about as being "park" could no longer be park space. The gazebo, American flag, green strip from the flag to the gazebo, and the memorial prison wall all go! Those areas are regarded as "park space" and Article 3 will not allow it. 

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